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09 February 2010 @ 04:31 pm

Hi good day~!

I have uploaded some performances from old Shonen Club and Enbujyou’08:-

Kono hoshi de umarete


Performers:- Tamamori Yuta (Kis-My-Ft2) , Inoo Kei (Hey!Say! JUMP) ,Matsumoto Kohei (Ex-Johnnys Jr),  Matsumoto Kouta (M.A.D)

Back dancers:-

Green:-  Nikaidou Takashi (Kis-My-Ft2), Hayashi Shouta (M.A.D/TheyBudou) , Yamamoto Ryouta (M.A.D/Butoukan/TheyBudou), Inaba Hikaru (MADE)

Yellow:- Akiyama Taiga(MADE), Takahashi Ryu (MADE/TheyBudou/Playzone09 I'll be back boy XD), Yamashita Takumi (MADE)



Performers:- Kis-My-ft2, ABC,Ya-Ya-Yah, Hey!Say!7, J.J.Express, Johnny’s Jr, Uekusa Yuta, Katou Kan

Baby Babe


Performers:- Ya-Ya-yah (Yabu Kouta, Ayukawa Taiyou, Yamashita Shoon, Yaotome Hikaru)

Back dancers:- Mis-Snow-Man, Yasui Kentarou, Funabiki Kenta

With love


Yamamoto Ryouta, Fujima Takahiko, Itou Junpei, Yasui Kentarou,Kyomotou Taiga

Feel free to download at my journal ( hikaeru    ) : Performances by Johnnys Jr

P/S: Mod please delete this entry if it’s not allowed here.. Sorry m(_ _)m

09 January 2010 @ 06:10 pm

Hello, it's me again. xD

I subbed two performances of EbiKisu from the last SC. 

[SC] 20091213 - Kis-My-Ft2 - Inori, MARIA and Fire Beat
[SC] 20091213 A.B.C - Z - Sayonara BOX, Kodoku no RUNAWAY and Vanilla

If you are interested, you can find them here. ^^
 Hi! This is my first post here, yoroshiku! ^^ I subbed Ebikisu's performances (A.B.C-Z - Vanilla, Kis-My-Ft2 - Fire Beat) and the members introductions, you can check it out here if you are interested. ^^
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15 September 2009 @ 02:05 am

Shounen Club 20090913

A.B.C-Z - A to Z

mp3 + japanese & romaji lyrics

( ありがとう 素敵な君に会えて幸せだよ ♥ )

Minna, gokigenyo~
Good day!
I've finished uploading Tackey&Tsubasa Premium Disc 3 Side A

You can have it at my LJ ( [info]hikaeru  ): TSUBASA REALLY HATES ME!!!

Include: Tackey&Tsubasa, Kis-My-Ft2, ABC, M.A.D., M.A.D.E., FiVE, Johnny's Jr.

Will lock after a week

Thank you
16 July 2009 @ 12:20 am
Well it started out as a just hot icon post, but before I knew it I icon-ed the latest magazines and all Kisumai performances I have too. And while busy I even icon-ed some more XD.


Hirosuke Heart Taipi Sold Photobucket

Here are the links to the icons:

- 1st batch of Kisumai icons - latest magazines

- 1st bacth of other JE icons - requests and various --> ABC-z, NEWS, Takizawa Hideaki, Ueda Tatsuya, various

- 1st batch of non-JE icons - requests --> Baba Toru, Kamakari Kenta, Miura Haruma, Aoyagi Ruito, Tachibana Keita

- 2nd batch of Kisumai icons - latest lives

- 1st batch of Playzone 2009 icons --> mainly Kisumai

- 3rd batch of Kisumai icons - older lives

- 4th batch of Kisumai icons - various

- 2nd batch of other JE icons - various --> ABC-Z, KAT-TUN, NEWS, Question?, Butoukan

- 2nd batch of non-JE icons - various --> SHINee, Tachibana Keita, Super Junior, Kato Kazuki

15 July 2009 @ 12:06 am


Now you are 16 years old

Hopefully you will success in everything you do

And just stay childish as you are now because I like it when you like that..
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